Monday, March 30, 2009

Nuts and Bolts of Motivational Interviewing

In our last set of comments, Andrea noted that she would like more information on the nuts and bolts of motivational interviewing.

During our PoS class today, we were introduced to a number of different search engines. The one I selected to search for the nuts and bolts was Resource Discovery Network – UK, “UK's free national gateway to Internet resources for the learning, teaching and research community”.

This was the helpful article I found

It's about as nuts and bolts-y as you can get, but I will continue exploring the additional search engines from today's class.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Searching in Rutgers Libraries' Indexes and Databases

Because Andrea's topic falls under "Social Sciences," that's where I started in the Rutgers Libraries Indexes and Databases. I thought about searching in both Social Work and Psychology/Behavioral Sciences sections, so I opened two tabs in my browser to remind myself of each area of study.

I started in Psychology/Behavioral Sciences because it seemed like it might reveal more articles from the start. I picked several databases and opened tabs in my browser for each.

In the Alcohol Studies Database search, using the term "payoff matrix" yielded no results, however, "states of change" yielded many pages of results. I spent some time looking at the bibliographic citations to see if the titles could put me in the right direction.

Here's one of the best hits -- a book (click on image to increase size):

When I went back to search IRIS for some of the articles that weren't available through the databases, I discovered another search phrase: "motivation in alcohol treatment." I searched this and found many matches including another potentially useful book for Andrea to consider:

It also occurred to me to encourage Andrea to consider a field trip to the Center of Alcohol Studies Library on Rutgers' Busch campus, or to find out if a university library near her has borrowing privileges with the CASL, since there appear to be many valuable resources there on this topic.

After a bit of searching, I composed a short list of items for Andrea to review and see if they were articles she wished for me to obtain copies of or if she had access to the journals and books already.

Here is the list:

Alcohol Studies Database - Detailed Citation Report

Title: Integrating motivational interviewing and stages of change in addiction counseling.
Author: O'Mara, E.M.
Publication Date: 2005
Journal Name: Addiction Professional 3(5): 16-17; 19-22
Subject Headings: Motivation in Alcoholism Treatment * Motivation in Drug Abuse Treatment
ID Number: 200511189

Title: Motivational interviewing and stages of change: integrating best practices for substance abuse professionals.
Author: Tomlin, K.M., Richardson, H.
Publisher: Center City, MN * Hazelden
Publication Date: 2004
Source: viii + 231 pp.
Subject Headings: Motivation in Alcoholism Treatment * Counseling Alcoholics * Motivation in Drug Abuse Treatment * Counseling Drug Abusers
Format: Manual. 4
ID Number: 4096

Title: Women's steps of change and entry into drug abuse treatment: a multidimensional stages of change model
Author: Brown, V. B, Melchior, L. A, Panter, A. T, Slaughter, R., and Huba, G. J.
Publication Date: 2000
Journal Name: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 18(3): 231-240
Subject Headings: Women and Alcohol * Motivation in Alcoholism Treatment * Women and Drugs * Motivation in Drug Abuse Treatment
ID Number: 200008017

Title: Assessing drinkers' motivation for change: the Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale (SOCRATES).
Author: Miller, W. R., Tonigan, J. S.
Publication Date: 1996
Journal Name: Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 10: 81-89
Subject Headings: Motivation in Alcoholism Treatment ID Number: 9606652

Title: A study to test the effectiveness of the stages of change model in adolescent substance abuse clients using the SOCRATES.
Author: Carr, T.K.
Publisher: Capella University
Publication Date: 2004
Source: 108 pp. Ph.D. dissertation,
Subject Headings: Youth and Alcohol * Motivation in Alcoholism Treatment * Youth and Drugs * Motivation in Drug Abuse Treatment
ID Number: 200509041

Title: Stages of change and prenatal alcohol use.
Author: Chang, G, McNamara, T, Wilkins-Haug, L., and Orav, E.J.
Publication Date: 2007
Journal Name: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 32(1): 105-109
Subject Headings: Women and Alcohol * Etiology of Alcoholism ID Number: 200706135

Additionally, I used the Social Sciences Full Text database to access the Ovid system and search for "motivational interviewing" with the cross match of "drug abuse" which was suggested by the Ovid system.

Five hits were of particular interest:

Next steps:

1. Communicate the findings above to Andrea.
2. Ask if she wants the search to go in a different direction.
3. Ask if she is satisfied by the results above.
4. Ask what other topics might be useful to search, if this is not sufficient.

Search Strategy Update

In the previous post, I mentioned that I'd use the Dialindex, but after consideration regarding available materials, I decided to use the Rutgers Libraries Indexes and Databases to begin the search in detail (as described below).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Narrowing Down the Search

After Andrea's helpful comments on the previous post, I'm putting together a little search strategy for my next stage of the search.

1. Use the Dialindex to search the following terms:
a. William Miller
b. Stephen Rollnick
c. Payoff Matrix
d. Stages of Change

2. Use the publications that have records with those terms to search for articles that tell how other researchers/practitioners have applied the technique of motivational interviewing.

3. Search the publications more specifically for recovery goals as they apply to stages of change.

4. For my own interest, I also want to find studies showing rates of success for the technique.